Double Your Income in tangible Estate Sales

Ever thought about what makes some real estate professionals succeed where others fail? Understand that doubling your income is all about doubling your business development efforts. If you are serious about doubling your income within the next six months, you have to learn how to turn your time and efforts into a profit. After you decide you really want to double your income, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from earning it. Marketing yourself like a real estate agent is most crucial to your success. But the average agent won’t place the time and effort into effective marketing tactics for connecting with their clients. Many agents waste time and effort educating each and every client for the transaction process, answering common questions and giving listing presentations. Malcolm Taylor

You have to be effective and proactive inside your approach with all your clients. Have you thought to provide all your clients using a package of information that educates them about the transaction process and the answers to most of their questions on you and your company. Top agents try this and use what is called a Pre-Listing Package. The Pre-Listing Package is easily the most powerful and important impression you may make on a buyer or seller. The objective of package is to establish credibility and show the potential client that you are competent, organized and professional before ever meeting with them. Imagine that you just set an appointment using a motivated seller when you arrive at their house, they already have the listing contract signed! This isn’t uncommon with real estate property professionals that use Pre-Listing Package given that they have an advantage and edge over other agents. Dowling Real Estate

You don’t have to imagine this if you send a bundle to all prospects a few days before each and every appointment. This package introduces you and the company and explains to prospects how you are best qualified for all those their real estate needs. Employing a package definitely separates you from the competition. The package establishes rapport and can guarantee listings every time. There is a big difference between real estate professionals and real estate professionals. The Pre-Listing Package is that difference, and is a must for all real estate agents.

Having a professional Pre-Listing Package will decrease time spent spend at appointments while increasing your listings. You can dramatically increase your listing and purchases potential in a matter of months! By using a package is your ticket to real estate property success! It provides the foundation for any real estate agent with any income goal who is serious about getting listings. I’m certain you have seen agents who have been working for months or even years and haven’t reached their full potential in income or listings. You will find seen this, then that agent very well may be you. By using a package you can receive the following benefits:

Sky rocket your income and listings within months.

Cut your pre-listing presentation appointment time in half.

Establish credibility and rapport with a client before you ever meet.

Show clients that you are organized, competent and professional.

Separate yourself through the competition and give yourself a bonus over other „agents” to generate an ever-lasting professional impression.

Eliminate presentation anxiety and nervousness.

Earn double the referrals.

There is certain information that must definitely be included in your package to really make it most effective. Also understand that every top real estate agent is well scripted, which is one of the main reasons they are confident and get listings. Take a look at package along with practicing a script so you can develop the confidence and acquire the income and listings you deserve. Whatever your market niche, providing buyers with a professional Pre-Listing Package is an excellent way to set you apart and earn securing their business easier. Good luck and much success!


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